How to Treat Sinus Infection If You Are Pregnant

How to Treat Sinus Infection If You Are Pregnant

If you have a sinus infection and you are pregnant, things can get miserable. You will experience congestion in your nasal airways, headache, cough, yellow or green discharges, sore throat, and even fever. And despite all the hardships, you cannot take medications, which makes you want to see your sinus infection doctor Valdese right away.

Of course, he will prescribe some medications that will make you feel better after a few days. But while you still haven’t booked an appointment with him, here are some remedies you should get to know. Maybe you have any of them at home. Don’t worry! They’re safe for expecting mothers!


If you are looking for instant relief for allergic symptoms of sinus infection like nasal stuffiness, then antihistamines might just work. Then again, most doctors will not recommend antihistamines during pregnancy since they might have an effect on the fetus. Yet, there is one antihistamine that is considered safe during pregnancy – Benadryl.


In most cases, doctors will recommend drinking antibiotics to treat sinus infection. But if you are pregnant, don’t take risks. Let your doctor know first. He knows which specific antibiotic brand is safe for a developing fetus. Among the antibiotics that are usually recommended by doctors for pregnant women are ampicillin, penicillin, amoxicillin, and clindamycin. Other antibiotics may only cause complications to the mother’s liver or the baby’s teeth.


If you are experiencing fever along with your sinus infection, then analgesics like Tylenol may help. Advil or Ibuprofen, as well as Aleve, are unsafe, especially during the final trimester.

Fruits and Vegetables

During pregnancy, it is completely normal to lose appetite when there is a sinus infection. Even so, you should not let your sickness beat you. Continue eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. If you really don’t have an appetite, it will help to eat smaller meals that are packed with nutrients your body needs. For a soothing and relieving option, you can cook soup with the available veggies you have at home.

Other Home Remedies

Yes, you read it right. Some symptoms of sinus infection can be treated by home remedies, which do not pose any threat to pregnant women and their unborn babies. For instance, to relieve runny nose, you can use the steam from a hot water. Also, the use of Neti pots and saline solutions may unclog your nostrils. If there is sore throat, drinking more fluids and using a humidifier are highly recommended.

Get Enough Rest

All these remedies won’t work if you don’t get enough rest. By getting plenty of sleep and resting your body, you are helping your immune system in fighting the signs and symptoms brought about by sinus infection.

Always remember that if you are suffering from sinus infection during your pregnancy, do not be tempted to take any medications for instant relief. The best thing you have to do is to contact a sinus infection doctor in Valdese, such as Ear, Sinus, & Allergy Center, PA.