What Our Patients Have to Say About Ear, Sinus & Allergy Center

We love hearing from our patients about how we helped create relief through our treatments and in-office procedures. Read below for some of our many patient testimonials for our friendly and experienced staff.

I had severe pain on my left nasal passage and was hard to blow my nose, had a bad smell, nasal drip and affected my singing and was always irritated. Once I had the balloon sinuplasty procedure, I felt instant relief and saw results as my singing is clearer and I feel fabulous. – Felicia M. | Balloon Sinuplasty Patient

My experience with Dr. Jones’ office was one of the best. He was professional, yet very friendly. The staff was wonderful and the best I have encountered. I was in for vertigo which I was experiencing since October 2014 and was not having a day without dizziness. They saw me, brought me back in for treatment and said it may take 1 to 3 treatments. To my surprise and amazement, 1 time did it. I’m a very happy patient. – Pamela G. | Vertigo & Dizziness Patient

I suffered from congestion, pressure, running nose and sinus infections. I was recommended for the in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure and after the surgery I didn’t have a running nose, had reduced congestion and pressure and able to breathe much better through my nose. – Gidget H. | Balloon Sinuplasty Patient

My overall experience has been outstanding with Dr. Jones. Anytime I need assistance or an appointment, their normally get me in within days, but mostly on the very day I call. – Curtis O’Tate | Sinus & Allergy Patient

I have always been greeted in a kind compassionate manner. The staff and Dr. Jones have always been able to take care of my allergy and sinus needs. I am very pleased and I like the fact that if I have seen Dr. Jones within a specific period, I can have medication called in. Also, Lisa is very accommodating with allergy shots, if I am unable to come on a certain date. – Karen R. | Allergy Patient

Dr. Jones is wonderful, convenient and pleasant. Their office is clean and comfortable and the staff is very friendly and helpful. One treatment session, I had a bad reaction to a shot and they immediately took me to get vitals and into a room. I was checked after 30 minutes and was fine. I was very pleased with their quick response time. – Lisa H. | Allergy Patient

Wonderful, caring atmosphere and it is very evident that the employees care about their patients’ well being. I am happy with my allergy shot regimen as a whole because I can really tell a difference when I’m getting my shots regularly as opposed to sporadically. – Michael W. | Allergy Patient

Every time I come, the staff is extremely courteous and professional. They actively listen to the needs of the patients in order to help seek an appropriate treatment. Over the summer I came in to see Dr. Jones for a six month appointment. He had sent several prescriptions to CVS and when I got there for my appointment, he had not received the prescriptions. It took several phone calls and speaking to Lisa to get the miscommunication resolved. Everyone was very positive and helpful while working with me. – Nicole A. | Sinus & Allergy Patient

I traveled from nearly 400 miles away to see Dr. Jones, because I heard about how talented he was, and I really wanted to get my eyes done. Dr. Jones performed an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty on me, and now I just love my eyes! I recently visited with my primary care doctor, and he noticed that I had gotten my eyes done. He said they were marvelous, and wanted to know, along with all of my friends, who the doctor was that had performed my surgery. He was so impressed that he wanted to refer other patients to Dr. Jones.

I’m glad that I chose Dr. Jones as my facial plastic surgeon, because he and his staff were very professional. Now, everybody loves the way my eyes look, and so do I.– Martha S. | Plastic Surgery Patient