Come See Our Valdese Audiologist for Your Hearing Test

See Our Valdese AudiologistAn important part of any ENT practice is the audiology department. Patients need the expertise of both an ENT specialist and an audiologist. Our office is the place to start when investigating auditory and vestibular problems. Dr. Jones and Paul Gamewell work together to ensure the utmost quality care centered on the patient.

The audiologist at Ear, Sinus, and Allergy Center, Paul Gamewell, is uniquely qualified to provide audiologic evaluations, diagnosis, and treatment of people with hearing loss and vestibular dysfunction.

The evaluation, fitting, and verification of hearing aids, is an important part of Mr. Gamewell’s responsibility. He determines the appropriateness of hearing aids, verifies benefit, and provides counseling and training regarding their use. Additionally, he provides support for patients as their hearing aids age and require maintenance.

You are invited to schedule an appointment with us to investigate your hearing and balance needs.

What is Amplification?

Amplification may be an option for you. Appropriately fit hearing instruments increase the user’s ability to listen in the presence of background noise. Digitally programmable instruments provide a customized fit for individualized performance and ease of use. Instruments are made in a variety of styles and sizes, which can be explored during an office visit. A 45 day trial period begins all new hearing aid fittings. This ensures the patient adjusts to the new experience. If the patient is not satisfied during this time, the patient may return the hearing aids for a refund, minus a restocking fee. Hearing aids come with a one year warranty which covers defects, loss, and damage. Not all hearing impairments are effectively treated with hearing aids, but we offer the opportunity for patients to explore their options for treatment.

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