Balloon Sinuplasty: What You Should Know

Balloon Sinuplasty: What You Should Know

Balloon sinuplasty seems like a very common procedure. So, it is a bit surprising why lots of people don’t have any idea about it.Well, if you are among those who haven’t heard about it, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Below, we will talk about the important things you should know about balloon sinuplasty.

1. Balloon sinuplasty has been performed thousands of times already.

In 2005, balloon sinuplasty was FDA approved. And since then, it has been performed thousands of times. Hence, you can be sure that it is nothing experimental, which is completely in contrast to what other people thinks, although it surely started out that way.

2. Unfortunately, balloon sinuplasty is not for everyone.

Although Balloon Sinuplasty in Valdese, NC, can help treat patients with chronic sinusitis, it might not be recommended for everyone. Studies suggest that this procedure might not be effective for sleep apnea, deviated septum, and fungal infections in the sinuses.

3. The effects last longer.

No, you don’t need to perform balloon sinuplasty again and again. This procedure is very effective, especially when treating chronic sinusitis.The fact is, this surgery is not performed for temporary reasons. The results even last for years, which means it needs not to be repeated.

In contrast to traditional sinus surgeries that result in scarring after every procedure, balloon sinuplasty is completely safe. No tissue is destroyed in the process and the bones are kept in place.

4. The recovery is fast.

Many people complain about the pain every after a sinus surgery. But for sure, it’s not because of balloon sinuplasty. The talks about the pain caused by removing the nose packing don’t apply to this.During the procedure, the focus is on the sinus and not the nasal passages. Thus, the need for applying pressure is eliminated. And for that, the recovery period only takes days. Perhaps, the most difficult part after a balloon sinuplasty is not blowing the nose for a day.

5. It is pocket-friendly and can be covered by insurance.

Since this procedure can be performed in the office of the ENT, it won’t cost you much. You need not to be sent to the emergency room. You will not stay for a night. You will not need an anesthesiologist. That means you are spared from any unnecessary expenditures.In most cases, your medical insurance already covers this surgery. So, when we consider the overall costs, including your personal time and effort, balloon sinuplasty is quite pocket-friendly.

6. The procedure is safe.

When performing balloon sinuplasty in Valdese, NC, a balloon-like device is inflated temporarily to open the sinus passage. Because of the inflation, tiny microfractures in the bone are created, causing the bone to mimic the shape of the balloon.Don’t worry. The balloon will not be left inside. It will be removed in the process. So, you can be confident that you are safe.