4 Ways to Know If Your Cold Is a Sinus Infection

4 Ways to Know If Your Cold Is a Sinus Infection

Have you been sneezing lately? Do you have a runny nose? Do you experience watery eyes? Have you been bothered by post-nasal drip? Well, it may be tempting to say that it’s just an ordinary cold, something that can be cured with vitamin C and rest, but you might want to check deeper. What you think is just a passing ailment could be something very serious – a sinus infection.

So, how do you know distinguish an ordinary cold from a sinus infection? Here are some signs.

  1. Inflamed Nasal Passages

One of the most visible symptoms a sinus infection is inflamed nasal pathways. You can easily tell if your nasal passages are inflamed by checking inside your nostrils. Is it swollen or red? Are you having a hard time distinguishing a smell? If that is the case, you could be suffering from a sinus infection.

There are three ways to reduce the inflammation. First is through nasal irrigation, which involves the use of a neti pot to flush out the mucus. Second, it is by using nasal sprays. Lastly, try vapor inhalation, which uses anti-inflammatory vapors to clear up the sinuses.

  1. Heavy Nasal Discharge

Another sign that your cold is a sinus infection is a heavy nasal discharge. When you have a cold or a sinus infection, you can experience nasal congestion or runny nose, but for sinus infections, the nasal discharge is often thick. Also, in a sinus infection, your mucus is often green or yellow.

  1. Symptoms Become Worse Over Time

One of the most obvious signs that your cold is actually a sinus infection is when simple symptoms become worse. If you have an ordinary cold, symptoms may last for just about a week. Sinus infections, on the other hand, last more than 10 days, and most symptoms, such as sinus pressure and headache could become worse. Thus, if you have treated your cold with over-the-counter medicines and have not seen any improvements, it is about time to visit Ear, Sinus, and Allergy Center.

  1. Bad Breath

Have you noticed that your breath has become less than fresh since your cold started? If so, you might be experiencing sinus infection. Once sinus infection attacks, your sinuses won’t be able to function well. As a result, all the natural processes in your body that involves clearing the mouth and nasal cavity are affected, hence bacteria start to thrive in your sinuses, changing the way your breath smells.

If you detect any signs mentioned above, it is important that you go and see an expert, preferably one who is an expert in sinus infections like those professionals at the Ear, Sinus, and Allergy Center. You can never tell, you might be experiencing something other than a sinus infection. It could be an allergy or something more. But don’t worry because these experts can help and give the best remedy for your problem. Also, even if most sinus infections will vanish on their own, you can also rely on some natural remedies you can find at home.