4 Ways to Know If Your Cold Is a Sinus Infection

Have you been sneezing lately? Do you have a runny nose? Do you experience watery eyes? Have you been bothered by post-nasal drip? Well, it may be tempting to say that it’s just an ordinary cold, something that can be cured with vitamin C and rest, but you might want to check deeper. What you think is just a passing ailment could be something very serious – a sinus infection. So, how do you know distinguish an ordinary cold from a sinus infection? Here are some signs. Inflamed Nasal Passages One of the most visible symptoms a sinus infection is inflamed nasal pathways. You can easily...

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5 Natural Remedies for Sinus Infection

There is nothing more miserable than being inflicted by sinus inflammation. On normal days, the bones around the eyes, cheeks, and nose are lined with membranes that produce mucus. This substance is responsible for warming up inhaled air and filtering out viruses. Once the membrane is congested, it becomes inefficient because the mucus still continues to accumulate. To prevent that from happening, it is best to identify the causes for sinus infections and do something about them. Among the most obvious and common causes are as follows: Food allergies Environmental allergens Excessive...

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